• Full day Exploring Nha Trang Bay & The Islands
  • Location: Nha Trang Bay
  • Trip Time: 9.000 am to 4.00 pm
  • Fishing, Snorkeling, Exploring, Relaxing, Partying, Fun, Amazing Sea Views of Nha Trang Bay
  • Breakfast, Fruit Platter, Traditional Vietnamese BBQ
  • Optional Beer, Cider & BBQ Items

Unique Eco Adventure Exploring Tour in Nha Trang by Traditional Vietnamese Fishing Boat

This trip is a unique way to discover the beauty of Nha Trang Bay & the islands. We have carefully chosen a route that maximizes Fishing, Snorkeling & Site seeing opportunities. The views of Nha Trang Bay, the Sea and the outlying Islands are spectacular. You do not have to be an experienced fisher or scuba diver to enjoy this trip, it is suitable for all! This trip is a great day out for all the family & friends, old or young, it is a great way to meet people and make new friends. We have designed this trip so that everyone can experience the beauty of Nha Trang Bay.  Try your luck at Fun Fishing, enjoy fresh BBQ fish caught by yourself, snorkel with reef fish, relax or party in quiet areas away from the other tour boats, enjoy the sea from our traditional Vietnamese fishing boat.

Snorkeling Hon Mun Island

First we are going to take you snorkeling in the Hon Mun Island Marine Park protected Coral reef area.  Early in the morning the visibility is good and the sea is cool. You will experience swimming with scuba divers and the beautiful tropical fish in their home. We have top quality traditional snorkels and the latest full face snorkels. Even non swimmers can swim with the fishes on our tour!

Fun Fishing Hon Tre Island

After this we will take you for a cruise around Hon Tre Island until we find a quite location for some Fun Fishing. Our boat is equipped with Fish a finding sonar and we use top quality Shimano fishing equipment. Our guides do everything; they set up the rods and bait the hooks. We catch mostly catch smaller fish like Grouper, Rock Cod, Sea Wrasse and the occasional Barracuda. We release all fish caught apart from the Barracuda! We mostly fish of the bottom where most fish are feeding, you can also try trawling with lures, jigging, popping or even Sea fly fishing & kayak fishing!

BBQ Party, Cold drinks & Beers

We will find a quiet secluded spot to park the boat up or take you to a beach. We provide a delicious traditional Vietnamese BBQ consisting of Pork, Chicken, Veggies, Baguettes as well as free cold drinks. Add to this feast any suitable fish you catch such as Barracuda. We can also add Ice cold beer, Cider and Western BBQ Items as optional extras on this trip.

Trip Details


8.00 am

Pick up, Board Boat, Breakfast Cruise: We pick you up from your Hotel at 8.00 am and we board our Traditional Vietnamese Fishing boat at the harbor and set sail at 9.00 am. We provide a delicious breakfast, Ice tea and Coffee. Enjoy you’re the amazing Seascape views from the boat as we cruise out to the first Island

10.00 am

Snorkeling Hon Mun Island: We stop the boat in quiet area for Snorkeling in the Hon Mun Island Marine Protected Area. There are many beautiful coral reefs. The reef is home to many different species of exotic tropical fish, this is like swimming in an aquarium! You can choose either a traditional Snorkel by Ocean Dynamics or a Full Face Snorkel by Subsea.

12.00 am

BBQ Lunch: We sail our boat away from the Marine protected Area to the first fishing place. Enjoy the amazing Island views on the way. After 1 hour here we will move on and try and other fishing spot. We anchor our boat in a quiet area so you can enjoy lunch away from the other Tour boats. Our Crew will prepare a delicious Vietnamese BBQ lunch. If we have caught a larger fish like a Barracuda we shall add to your BBQ lunch!

12.30 pm to 1.30 pm

Fishing Hon Tre Island, Snorkeling, Party or Relaxing: You can choose to continue Fishing or chill out to some music or party, it is up to you! We always bring a Blue tooth speaker, feel free to bring your favorite music on a USB Drive or Mobile Phone.

3.30 pm to 4.00 pm

Sail back to Harbor in Nha Trang: Enjoy the Trip on the way back, you will experience amazing sea views of Nha Trang Bay!

Optional Beers & Cider & Optional BBQ items:-

You can drink alcohol on this trip, we highly recommend you do! Good quality Cider & Beers cost approx. 25,000 vnd. We highly recommend these quality foreign beers and cider brewed locally in Vietnam:- Heineken (Holland), Amstel (Holland), Becks (Germany), Strongbow Cider (England) . You can also add additional BBQ items for this trip. We use only top quality hygienic meat products, includes free salad and baguettes. German Sausages are made by a reputable Swiss butcher in Nha Trang who supplies most of the 5 Star hotels and finest restaurants in Town. All other meat products are procured from reputable International francize Supermarkets like Lotte, Big C & Metro.

Beer & Cider for your Trip, you have 3 options:-

  1. Bring Your own & our Guides will put on ice for you
  2. Let out Guides know what Beer or Cider you want when they pick you up at the Hotel and they will help you buy on the way to the Harbor.
  3. Order from us when you book your trip and we will provide at cost and put on ice for you. Oder and pay when you book your trip. If you buy from us we supply by the ‘6 x Pack’ or by the ‘Box (24 Cans)’
Beers & Cider
Heineken (Holland) Heineken x 6      140,000 VND Heineken x 24           550,00 VND
Amstel (Holland) Amstel x 6           110,000 VND Amstel x 24             465,000 VND
Becks (Germany) Becks x 6             100,000 VND Becks x 24               400,000 VND
Strongbow Cider (England) Strongbow x 4   100,000 VND Strongbow x 24     550,000 VND


German Sausages and Other BBQ Items
Italian Sausages 300,000 VND                                1kg (20 Sausages)
Cumberland Sausages 300,000 VND                              1kg (20 Sausages)
German Bratwurst Sausages 300,000 VND                              1kg (20 Sausages)
Chicken, Cheese & Chives Sausages 300,000 VND                              1kg (20 Sausages)
Chicken Wings 60,000 VND                                  4x Chicken Wings
Beef Short Plate BBQ Rib (USA) 300g                                                       125,000 VND
Beef Short Plate BBQ Rib (USA) 500g                                                      200,000 VND