Do you want to go on a long range tour in the Highlands near Nha Trang? We can arrange! 2 to 5 day Expedition Tours in:-

  • Nui Ba National Park, Lam Dong Provence (near Heavens Pass and Dalat City)
  • Nui Chua National Park, Ninh Tuan Provence (near Pham Rang City)
  • Phuc Binh National Park (near Pham Rang City)

Tour Details

Expedition tours are based on a 2 to 5 days spent traveling along the Rivers in Inflatable kayaks. On the Rivers you will run rapids and travel thru Forests, Mountains and Tribal Villages. We spend the night in Homestays in Ethnic Minority Villages.

Customized Tours Only

Our tours into the Highlands are all fully customized, each one is different depending on how many days and what you want to do. These are private tours, only your tour group! No sharing with strangers. We only do expedition tours in remote areas where there are no other tourists

  1. How many People in Your Group?
  2. Do you want to Raft? How many days do you want to go Rafting?
  3. Do you want to add any of these activities to your Tour Plan…Hiking, Fishing, Elephant Safari or Mountain Biking, camping in Forest?

Meet the Hill Tribes!

Vietnam is home to many Hill Tribes. The Mountains around Nha Trang are inhabited by the Ede, Rhade, Raglai, Churu & Kinh Ethnic Minority Peoples. We organize special tours so you can meet these people and experience their unique culture. On this tour you experience their ancient way of life. They live in tune with their local environment. You will stay in their homes and enjoy their hospitality. We will eat traditional tribal food, drink cane wine and join a traditional Gong Music Party.

Jungle Survival

We can teach you how to survive in the Jungle. Our Jungle Camps are in remote areas. Our expert guides can teach you basic Jungle survival skills like how to catch fish and find fruits. The environment is pristine, the water is clean, fresh jungle food is delicious. We can organize an Elephant trek for you to explore the forest.

Wild Animals & Crypto zoology

Have you ever heard of the ‘NGUOI RUNG’? It’s a ‘Bigfoot’ type creature that lives in the Vietnamese Highlands. There are many exotic animals to see in the Highlands. There are even Animals that have not been described by science yet!

Expert Local Guides

Our guides are local Highlanders. They grew up in the forest and know how to survive in the Jungle. They will ensure your safety and comfort.

Special Permission Required

These remote Tribal areas have only recently been opened up for Tourism. We work closely with the National Park Authorities and have special permission from them to operate tours legal and safely in these areas! You will see few if any foreigners during our trips.